September Favorites !

Hi there !

This is my first time ever writing a blog post like this but I have seen it at other bloggers and I thought this would be such a cool idea tbh. Sooo, the whole point of this blog post will be to share all my favourite things/products/places (you get the idea) from September. And so here it goes !!! ARE YOU EXCITED? I for sure, am haha.

1. L’interdit by Givenchy

A fragrance based on a white flower imbued with black notes – perfect for this time of the year !!

I got this perfume from my family for my birthday and I love it! It makes me feel like a powerful boss babe who can achieve everything she sets her mind to! (which is a great mindset to have)

2. Studio Fix Powder from MAC

In terms of the studio fix powder from MAC, I have been literally wanting to buy this product from the beginning of the year but for some reason I just never actually did. (student budget and all that). I have read so many good reviews about it and so I decided it was time to get it.I just got it over a week ago and I love it – it also has some foundation incorporated so perfect for the days when you don’t feel like putting a lot of make up on.

3. The Social Dilemma

A DOCUDRAMA THAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED! This documentary tells the story behind all the big tech companies and how us, users are being exploited for financial gain through both data capturing and surveillance capitalism. Moreover, it explains how the design of nowadays social media platforms is created in such a way to create addiction and ‘pull in’ the user deeper and deeper. What is really interesting is that throughout the film, very important people that helped design and create nowadays social media platform step up and talk about the negative aspects of the social media rise and usage. The documentary tackles very important topics such as : the important role that social media plays in the spread of fake news, the huge impact it has on the mental health of it users (especially teens). Persoanlly, I believe that is it very important for everyone to watch this and understand that social media is not ‘harmless’ and that everything , every single action we take online is being stored somewhere. I feel very lucky to have learned all of these during the courses I have had so far during my bachelor and that is why I really thing that this documentary raises awareness on a very important topic.

4.Teenage Bounty Hunters

Such a good series I discovered by pure chance. It was exactly what I was in the mood for – funny, teenage based, drama with the perfect mix of action too. It feels the story of two teenager twin girls from Georgia who go to a very religious private school and happen to get mixed up in the bounty hunting business. I loved watching it but was sad about the fact that there is only one season with 10 episodes :(.

5. The Hague/Scheveningen Strand

It is weird that I have been living in The Netherlands for almost 3 years and I had never managed to go to The Hague until 2 weeks ago – even though I have always wanted to !. I was very lucky too because there were literally 30 degrees Celsius when I went (in mid-september in The Netherlands – that does not happen !!). It was my bestie’s birthday and so we went to celebrate at the beach. It was such a good day – I even went into the water a couple of times that’s how hot it was. We tanned, drank some cocktails, listened to good music and ended the day walking on the boardwalk (that gave me Santa Monica vibes).


Valkenburg is an extremely cute town just 7 km away from Maastricht! My boyfriend’s parents came to visit and they rented a car which allowed us to explore places we would not normally go to. And that’s how we got to Valkenburg. We had some delicious specialty coffee at a very cute cafe/bike store called Coffee before Cycling and then we visited the only fortress in The Netherlands – the ruins of the Valkenburg castle. It was such a cool experience to wander around the castle and imagine how people must have lived there hundred of years ago. And then we had an amazing dinner at this Mexican restaurant that had amazing decor and live parrots and iguanas.

7.! foaming cleanser

This product is revolutionary – girls I am telling you – IF YOU ARE A SKINCARE FREEK (like me), You will absolutely love this cleanser. I just discovered this brand when I bought the cleanser – it just launched at the beginning of 2020. Their skincare products contain fermented beauty ingredients which will give your skin the perfect glow! After I used the foaming cleanser, I was shocked as to how smooth my face felt. Would definetely recommend it and categorise it as a MUST-HAVE.

These are my September favourites guys. I quite enjoyed writing this blog post so I am thinking of writing similar ones in the next months. Let me know what were your September favourites in the comments below !