10 items every girl should own/have in the wardrobe (AW edition)

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Disclaimer : This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through the given link, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commision.

This is my first ever fashion-related blog post!! Isn’t that EXCITING? I am such a fashion lover – I love styling outfits, repurposing a certain item to match different occasions and being trendy overall. And so, I thought I’d share what I consider to be the ‘must-haves’ items that should not MISS from your wardrobe during the autumn/winter season + tips on how to style them and where to buy them from !!

Trench Coat

Trench coats are very cool, easy to wear and they give you such a classy vibe too. They are so easy to style, they come in a variety of patterns, colors and models and can truly transform an outfit so I would say that a trench coat = definitely a statement piece.

They can be worn both in autumn and winter so perfect investment ,right ? During the warm autumn days, you can opt to wear a skirt or shorts with a cute top and style it with a trench coat on top and you will look like you came straight off the runway. For the cold winter days, you can wear a trench coat on top of a thick sweater with some nice jeans and cool boots and you will have a very classy, business-y kind of overall look.

Also, if you do not want to spend A TON of money on one, there are some very affordable options for very cute and qualitative trench coats (click on the highlighted words down below and you will be re-directed to some affordable options Xx)

option 1: H&M – 39,99 euros

option 2: Asos 66 euros

Turtlenecks !! ALL THE WAY

For me, turtlenecks are the GO-TO option when it comes to tops during the cold seasons of the year.(not that I wouldn’t wear them during the summer if I could) They are just so comfortable and look amazing in every outfit combination. Also, there are so many models of turtle necks – so many different fabrics, patterns, some are bodies some are not so plenty to choose from to match your taste!

PS: For this season (AW20), I have even seen some turtleneck sweaters with shoulder pads. Classy!

Here are some options:

  1. Zara turtleneck with shoulder pads – 19,95 euros
  2. NA-KD – 34,95 euros
  3. About You – 24,90 euros


Scarfs shouldn’t be up for debate! They are comfy, warm and fluffy! Perfect accessory that is both useful and chic!

This is a mood ! pic from nowfashion.com

Black Jeans

I don’t even know if this is worth mentioning because I doubt that a basic pair of black jeans can’t be found in every girl’s AW closet. However, if by any chance you don’t already own a pair of black jeans, you should definitely buy one ! They work amazingly with everything , make your legs look bomb while also matching the color palette of autumn. And the best part they don’t have to be skinny jeans (if you are not a fan of skinny jeans ). Black Jeans rock no matter their model :

Baggy jeans ? – perfect with a body/turtleneck + a leather jacket on top – ASOS 39,15 euros

Skinny ? – perfect with an oversized hoodie/sweater and a pair of cute boots – Mango29,99 euros

Mom jeans? – perfect with a comfortable hoodie or trendy long sleeve blouse or just a basic T-shirt- ASOS 27,99 euros

Flared jeans? – go-to for a vintage look – & Other Stories 69 euros

Cute (autumn) skirts/dresses

There is nothing nicer than a warm autumn day, AM I RIGHT?I am referring to those days when it’s too warm to wear jackets, so jeans+ basic T-shirt will do it, but a cute skirt/dress will make you look like the ultimate FALL QUEEN. The reason why I personally love these types of outfits is that I love styling skirts/dresses with nice pairs of boots/leather jackets (as seen in the pics below) which is so not possible during the summer cuz otherwise I would sweat like a pig! HA-HA.

pics and skirt (SALE – 15 euros from 35) are from Loavies

PS: I have a leather high-waisted skirt that I love to style with either baggy T-shirt and a jean jacket or occasionally a hoodie on top of a body! (suggestion for leather skirt – NA-KD )

Styling suggestion : tights + a cute skirt + a trench coat and a basic tee = perfect fall look!


If you are more of a casual wear type of girl, hoodies could be your go-to for the cold seasons. Personally, I love to wear hoodies when I want to go for a comfortable look. They are warm, cozy and look great and if they are oversized that’s even better – you get the feel of a blanket in a hoodie !

Plus, I think that one of the biggest perks of hoodies is that they are unisex ! Sometimes, hoodies for boys are so much nicer and so I just buy them for me hahah.

Palm Angels – 314 euros and Trasher Hoodie – 74,95 euros


Along with hoodies, they are the perfect addition to an outfit during the cold seasons. Personally, I prefer a nice sweater on autumn days rather than jackets because I feel way cozier in a sweater (if that makes sense). They are soft and look nice so I would definitely say sweaters are a must in every girl’s closet ! The thing with sweaters is that they can be found literally in every shop and 99% look amazing. But, I will still leave my favorite shops to buy them from down below !

  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Mango
  • Primark even !
  • Abercrombie

Cute pair of heel boots or a cool pair of high boots

DEFINITELY A MUST! First of all, heel boots are my favorite type of heels (they beat the summer sandal heels by a long shot) because they add a certain vibe to your overall look. Even if you wear the most basic outfit, if you add a pair of cute heel boots, the overall look will be 10 times nicer! And the heel does not even have to be that high – for example, let’s take the example of this season’s obsession with cowboy boots – they are super stylish, give you the look of heels but are still not that high which makes them perfect !

This is 2020’s fall season obsession – the cowboy heel boots that come in so many shapes, sizes and colours ! I have a pair in light brown and I love it ! These pics are from NA-KD (price range differs) .

Now, in terms of flat high boots , I have a pair that literally everybody keeps on asking me about – I bought it from Moja (a Romanian brand ) and they are 100 euros more or less. They are super confortable, easy to wear and truly a statement piece ! (see the pic below if you don’t know what boots I am referring to).

Moja Combat Boots in black

Of course, there are so many brands that make amazing boots that are also pretty popular such as Dr. Martens ( 150-220 euros/a pair).

Pic taken from De Bijenkorf website

Leather pants

Personally, I love leather pants! They are sort of a statement piece of every outfit and can be worn both for a day to day look (with a sweater/hoodie on top, or a nice shirt + cute jean jacket) or a bomb clubbing outfit ! (with a cute top). Plus, some leather pants have a very soft fabric on the interior that actually helps you keep warm during the cold winter days annnnnd because they are leather pants , if it rains you won’t get wet! (which for me is a game-changer because it rains almost every day in Amsterdam and I don’t always carry a waterproof jacket or umbrella with me).

Comfortable cool sweatpants

YES! YES! YES! Buy yourself some nice streetwear kinda sweats and you’ll see feel amazing. I have such a pair from Adidas that is my absolute go-to on days when I don’t feel like wearing tight pants or I just want to go for an overall comfy look. You can style them with an oversized top that you can then tie and give it a cool fresh vibe or a body, turtleneck, hoodie – basically they go with everything !

This model resembles the one I own (I could not find mine anymore 😦

Adidas – 69,95 euros

And so, these are the items I consider ‘must-haves’ ! Please let me know in the comments if I missed anything that you think is a must and if so what is it:) I am curious to see your opinion too ! Let me know if you liked this type of blog post and if you would want me to write more posts like this !