Tips for having the best halloween at home

Hello Hello and welcome back !

Halloween is just around the corner and even though I am not the biggest fan (because Halloween is not a thing at all in Romania ), I thought I wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to share some ideas/tips for the perfect celebration at home!

For all the Halloween lovers , I know that this year will be completely different and most probably you will not be able to go to Halloween parties (and rock your outfits) or go trick o treating. Even though that is very sad, we live in very uncertain times and we need to be positive ! I trully believe that we have to try and still celebrate our traditions and holidays even though it is not like we used to do it before the pandemic. So, if you are a Halloween lover don’t let this day pass without doing something fun !

Pumpkin Carving

I have to admit – this is the only activity that we would do for Halloween every year when I was growing up. Every year, my dad would buy the biggest pumpkin he could find at the market and then come home and let me and my sister carve it (with some help from our mom). I remember that we used to have soo much fun and ended up with the craziest designs for our pumpkins.

For that reason, yesterday night me and my boyfriend did the same thing ! It gets messy I admit and if you are not up for the clean-up process that follows maybe yous should skip this, but it’s so much fun ! We played halloween songs and had the most amazing time carving our little pumpkin ! ( If you want to see the process you can watch my IGTV )


  1. Get Out (2017)
  2. Us (2019)
  3. Trick r’ Treat (2009)
  4. Paranormal Activity (2007) – To this day I still cannot sleep alone after watching this !
  5. The Addams Family (1998)
  6. The House at the end of the Street (2012) – plot twist at the end
  7. The roommate (2011)
  8. Carrie (2013)
  9. Fractured (2019) – this movies kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I even wrote an uni paper on it because it is such a mindfuck !
  10. Truth or Dare (2018)

DIY decorations/costumes

Improvisation is key when it comes to DIY things. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can just improvise with what you already have laying around the house. In terms of decorations, you can literally used toilet paper as a mummy inspired decoration (it’s that easy haha). What I loved to do when I was younger was to make bats out of toilet paper tubes (that I would paint black and add wings too). When it comes to costumes , I only started getting dressed for Halloween since I moved to Amsterdam (because I have a friend that throws Halloween parties every year and she would make us dress up ) but because I never wanted to spend a lot of money on costumes, I improvised. Last year I was a pirate and the coolest thing is that I only paid 5 euros (for the sword/hook and eye patch) because I owned everything else to create a pirate costume. You just need to let your imagination guide you and enjoy the process !

My pirate costume for Halloween 2019 !

Halloween inspired cookies

Ok so I was looking on google for inspiration to make my own Halloween treats when I stumbled across these amazing recipes from Delish. THEY LOOK BOMB! I just couldn’t help myself and I had to share them with you too. The Dracula cookies are ingenious (can you even imagine something yummier than a sandwich of chocolate chip cookies with a layer of marshmallows in between ? Because I can’t ! I will 100 % make this dessert for Halloween !

My suggestion ? On Oct 31st put on a costume, bake some cookies (and decorate them for Halloween ) and have a scary movie night with your closest friends ! ( by closely following the local guidelines in terms of how many people you can have over in regards to the coronavirus pandemic)

Have a spooky Halloween and let me know in the comments if you have extra movie suggestions for me 🙂 !