A bit about myself…

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?’ – Vincent Van Gogh

Anna | 20 yrs old | social media addict

My name is Anna and I am a 20 y/o student, currently living in Amsterdam. Originally, I am from Bucharest, Romania. I moved to Amsterdam over two years ago for my bachelor studies (Media Studies) and oh boy how my life changed since.

Let’s talk about some things I love. I love being outside, going for long walks on the beach, going out for food/drinks , trying new things, embarking on adventures not knowing what will happen and the list goes on. I love foooood (but I mean who doesn’t ?). I am super spontaneous and almost always up for any activity. The only time I am saying no to things is when I am really tired or not feeling well. Personally, I try to live my life at its fullest and take advantage of every opportunity that rises because no matter how cliche this sounds we do only live once.

My travel passion started at an early age (the credit goes to my parents here ). They always believed that traveling is the best way for personal growth and I must admit, they were right. There is nothing that can compare to that wholesome feeling when you land somewhere new, not knowing what to expect. I love discovering new cultures, interacting with the locals , observing various cultures and trying out local food. Looking at myself I can definitely say that traveling has indeed helped with my personal growth – it made me more mature and thought me how to be resourceful in certain situations where I found myself surrounded by strangers. I definitely think that all the places I have visited throughout my life so far added a bit to who I am today as a person. For these reasons, I am sure that the process of moving all the way across Europe to Amsterdam, was not that difficult for me. I can definitly say that I got used to it and made friends straight away , thus succeeding in building a life for myself away from home.My ultimate goal in life is to visit every country in this world and thus scratch them off my bucket list.

At this point, I guess you are wondering why am I doing this? Starting this blog? Well, good question…

I always dreamed of creating content but I was always too afraid to actually do it. In 2020, I decided I would put myself out there and at least try it out. I am a social media addict, *honestly spend way to much time on it, I need to stop doing that*. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for documenting every single thing in my life, which has always been incredibly annoying for both my friends and family. I am so obsessed with it to the point that everytime I go out for drinks/food with friends they can’t stop themselves from making jokes about my ‘need ‘ of documenting every little thing. ‘Wait, Anna needs to take her Insta perfect pic, we can’t eat’ haha or ‘ Can we drink our cocktails now , Anna? Have you taken the perfect picture yet?’

Why am I Doing it publicly though instead of just a digital diary type of blog?

I LOOOOOVE SHARING my thoughts! Honestly, I share every single detail of my day with my closest friends (they get at least 10 two-minute voice recordings a day). And so I thought that I can use this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts on traveling. I want his space to be about tips and insights about cute places I stumble across in my journey as well as lifestyle stories. In other words, with this blog ,I just want to have the freedom to write about everything that goes on in my mind (and might be useful for other people).